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Anti-Ageing Eye Mask

Anti-Ageing Eye Mask

Holistic Silk
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We know how important a good sleep is. For your busy day, for your fresh look, for feeling beautiful. We found an amazing remedy that helps to relieve stress and a head full of thoughts, before you fall asleep. This piece of luxury is fully made from super lustrous and soft 100% Satin Silk, and filled with pure dried Lavender to subtly fragrance the air. The amazing anti-ageing eye mask completely blocks out all the light ensuring deep restorative beauty sleep. Push the thoughts away and dream on.

Made in UK.

Why Anti-Ageing?

Hypoallergenic and so smooth, soft satin silk helps prevent facial creasing and damage to skin cells during the night.
Silk does not draw moisture (or expensive night creams) from the skin so helps to retain hydration.
Unique Holistic Silk design rests lightly above the eye socket for a perfect no discomfort fit.


Clean with a damp cloth or dry clean only. After time the scent of lavender will fade, to prolong and rejuvenate the aroma simply find the pure dried lavender in your mask (it usually settles around the nose area) and rub gently between your fingers 3-4 times, scent will be emitted straight away. Try to keep silk and lavender out of direct sunlight as both will fade.

100% Lavender, Silk and Velvet