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Anti-Ageing Silk Pillow Case

Anti-Ageing Silk Pillow Case

Holistic Silk
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Morning nightmare - you're late and your face is creased in all directions because you slept in your pillow and well, your face is not jumping back to the normal state. You've tried foundation and your sleepy wrinkles are still there. How much we know this story! ;) Luckily Holistic Silk has found the solution which so far gained a crowd of fans, incl. Salma Hayek and Catherina Zeta Jones.

Naturally dyed ‘Anti-Ageing’ 100% Silk luxurious weight satin silk pillow cases are beautifully smooth and could help slow down the onset/progression of wrinkles and facial lines. They won't soak up your night creams or crease your face as you sleep, so no more facial surprises in the morning.

They are hypoallergenic, do not attract dust mites and will keep your hair soft and silky since hair glides over silk rather than snagging as you sleep. We love it!

Made in UK.


Each case comes with a lavender sachet to promote good rest. Please remove the lavender sachet before Machine Washing at 30Âș silk wash or Dry Cleaning. Please note the silk pillowcases are vegetable dyed so will lose some colour in the first few washes, therefore please wash separately or with like or darker coloured items!


Made to fit a standard 48 x 74 cm pillow.