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Silk Beauty Cocoons

Silk Beauty Cocoons

Holistic Silk
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Popular since ancient times when Chinese princesses used these silk cocoons to keep their faces smooth and blemish free. The gentle massage and scrub of the textured surface from silk beauty cocoons on your face make your skin feeling smooth and effectively helps wrinkles to disappear. Sericin, a protein contained in silk, is commonly used in anti-ageing creams and helps rejuvenating your skin.

Made in UK.

How to use

Soak the silk cocoon in warm water for about 10 - 15 minutes. Place a cocoon on to the end of your fingertip and apply. Massage gently in circular motions to exfoliate your skin. Tone and moisturise afterwards as needed.
One cocoon can be used 2-3 times.
20 cocoons per box. Steam sterilised.